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s3 Search Engine Scanner
s3 Search Engine Scanner
s3 Search Engine Scanner

s3 Quickstart in 3 Schritten


Schritt 1 :   Tragen sie den durch s3 zu überwachenden Domainnamen/URL in das Eingabefeld ein, drücken sie [Enter] und bestätigen sie das Anlegen eines neuen Projektes [Enter].


Schritt 2 :   Im Schlüssel-Fenster geben sie die Schlagworte/Phrasen ein, deren Positionen in den Suchmaschinen von s3 für die Domain überwacht werden sollen und klicken auf "sichern".


Schritt 3 :   Klicken sie auf , um den s3 Scan zu starten.


Get a Domain-Report

s3 continuously retrieves Positions of URLs for Keywordsets on Google-, Yahoo- and Bing-Search-Engines. To do so s3 needs at least two Informations :  on what Domain/Site should the Scan be done and which Keywords/Phrases are to be used.
Enter the URL of the Domain/Site into the Dropdownfield on the left, press "Enter", submit to create a new Project and click on "Keys" two open the Keys-Editor-Window. If you entered a qualified URL the Keys-Editor will open automatically.

Click on or enter [Ctrl+S] to start the Scan (see File-Menu for further Shortcuts). Due to the amount of used Searchengines and Keyphrases this will last a while depending on the configured Pauses between each scanned Searchengine-Resultpage. Which Searchengine is currently in use and other Details are indicated through the Scan. If the Domain is found for the current Keys then the associated Searchengine-Resultpage is shown (and cached).

If the Scan is completed the Report ("Info") will be shown automatically. If a Reporthost is available it is updated. The "Info"-Report contains :

  • Status
  • Ranking
  • Keyworddensities
  • Backlinks

The "Log"-Report on the right contains the Ranking-History. Several Lists are sortable.


Edit Keywords and Phrases

Edit Keywords and Phrases in the Keys-Window (via Click on "Keys" or [Alt+K]). Use one Line for each Phrase. Empty Lines and Indentations are omitted and can be used to structure the File. For shared Keysfiles use "open".

Commentmarks "#" and "/*...*/" may be used at Begin and End of Lines to indicate temporarily disabled Phrases.


Set the Domain of Interest

You can set the Domainname of Interest on the Site-Page of the Configuration-Window (via Menu / Conf.). If the Site is also available via another Domain indicate that in the secondary URL-Inputfield. If you omit a Subdomain all Subdomainentrances in the Searchengineresultlists will be found (i.e.:  "www.domain.com" excludes "domain.com""domain.com" includes "www.domain.com".).


Set the Searchengines to use

Set the Searchengines to use during Scan on the Searchengines-Page of the Configuration-Window.
If desired change "Max. Scanpage". Searchengines generate ten Links per Resultpage by default. So ten Pages mean Scanning within the first 100 Results. Additional Pages can be read by random.
To retrieve true Searchresults each Pagescan is done with a random Delay between "Random Wait" and "to" in seconds.

s3-sample Webreport
   sample Webreport...
s3-sample Webreport/History

Report to Web

Scan Results can be uploaded automatically to a Web-Server entered on the Report-Host-Page of the Configuration-Window. The Web-Report contains

  • Status
  • Ranking
  • Keyworddensities
  • Ranking-History
  • Logged Pageaccess by Searchengines
  • Logged searched Phrases and Keywords
  • Backlinks

"Report-Host-URL" must be a valid URL to the Location where the additionaly delivered s3 Web-Server-Files have been copied to.
These Files can be found in the Users Windows-Applicationsdatafolder in ibh\s3\WWW after first Launch of the Application. To use the Web-Server-Functions upload all Files from ibh\s3\WWW (about 110 kbyte) to the desired Location on your Web-Host. A PHP-Interpreter is required. You can use a local XAMP-Server for your Intranet too. Test the Server-Connectivity with "Test" after editing.

Define "Username" and "Password" for the Web-Access of the Report. Access via s3 can be done without Accountdata. Also Web-Access will be possible without Accountdata if you insert a Line with the Domainname into a Textfile ".demo.txt" placed in the data-Folder of the Reporthost.


Scan Log-Files

Enter FTP-Accountdata for the Domains-Host-Logfile(s) on the Logfiles-Page of the Configuration-Window.
On Condition that you installed the Web-Server-Functions and have an FTP-Accountdata to access the desired Domain-Host-Logfile(s) you can additionaly report Searchengine's Access to your Domain on your Web-Report.


Get the Backlinks of the Domain

Set "Retrieve Backlinks" on the Backlinks-Page of the Configuration-Window.
If "Verify Backlinks" is checked then all found backlinking Webdocuments are loaded and a regular Link to your Domain is verified. There is a Maximum of about 400 to 500 Backlinks.

Use [Menu / Edit Backlinks for Validation] to open a Window for Editing URLs that should contain Backlinks to the Domain/URL you get the Report for.


Send Domain-Status-Mails

If you have Accountdata to a SMTP-Mail-Host you can let s3 send Status-E-Mails to you if the Domain can not be accessed due to a http-Responsecode <200 or >399, or if HTML-Datasize undergoes the indicated Minimum. Use the Test-Function on the Status-Mail-Page of the Configuration-Window to send Samplemails.


Set miscellaneous Functions

Enter the Locations of MS-Excel-Templates on the Misc.-Page of the Configuration-Window for use with the Direct-Excel-Export-Function.

  • Autorun lets s3 starts a Scan immidiatedly after Applicationlaunch with a Project/Domainname on the Commandline of a lnk-File (i.e.: "s3.exe domain.com").
  • Autorepeat repeats a Scan after a Pause of about 15 minutes.
  • Minimize after Start lets s3 minimize if launched with Commandlineparameters.
  • use stored win-settings on Start lets s3 use the last with store stored current Settings.
  • Language switches between English and German.

Update Application

Look for an Applications-Update with "Check Update Now" on the Update-Page of the Configuration-Window. If a later Version is available on our Servers you are prompted to download and restart the Application.

An unregistered Version of s3 runs 14 Days. Thereafter no new Scans can be performed but you can still use all Functions on your retrieved Data. For further Usage of the Application the Purchase of a License is required.
If your Application is registered the Registerfunction is disabled otherwise you will be connected to the Register-Form of our s3 Server.


Export Results

s3 exports into plain Text-Files for simple Import into various Applications.
Use the File-Menu to directly export Scan-Results into Microsoft-Excel-Sheets or to copy them into the Clipboard.

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